Skylights & Whirly Birds

Skylights & Whirly Birds by Hornsby Roofing

Illuminate and ventilate your home like never before with Hornsby Roofing’s Skylights & Whirly Birds services. We bring natural light and air into your spaces in the most efficient and visually pleasing manner.

Benefits of Skylights & Whirly Birds

Installing Skylights & Whirly Birds can drastically improve the comfort of your home by enhancing natural lighting and air circulation, all while reducing energy costs.

Skylight Installation

Our Skylight Installation services offer various options for both fixed and operable skylights. Whether you want a dramatic dome or a subtle sun tunnel, we’ve got you covered.

Whirly Birds for Ventilation

Whirly Birds are an excellent solution for reducing heat and moisture build-up in your attic or ceiling spaces. We provide expert installation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Combo Packages

For the ultimate in home comfort and energy efficiency, consider our Combo Packages that combine both skylights and whirly birds, tailored to your specific needs.

FAQ Section

  • Q: Are skylights energy-efficient?
    • A: Yes, we offer energy-efficient skylight options that can help reduce your energy costs.
  • Q: How much maintenance do whirly birds require?
    • A: Whirly birds are generally low-maintenance, requiring only periodic inspections for optimum performance.
  • Q: Can I install both skylights and whirly birds?
    • A: Absolutely, our combo packages are designed for those looking to maximise both lighting and ventilation.


At Hornsby Roofing, our Skylights & Whirly Birds services are designed to elevate the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your home. Choose us for high-quality installations and unparalleled customer service.

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